8 secrets of a powerful woman, she always hides

Remember Achilles (such an ancient Greek hero)? He had one weak point – the heel. And it was just in this heel that an arrow hit, killing Achilles. So, what are we doing this for? Oh yes, to the fact that each person has his own – unique – weak point. Achilles’ heel. But still, some people are called “strong” for some reason. Want to know how strong women differ from weak ones?

What makes a woman strong?

One day in life is faced with a situation when we need to pull ourselves together and become strong. But it’s just not always clear what makes us so – intense, invulnerable, persistent. Some things doom a person to weakness. Even if she doesn’t want to be weak, she still becomes that way.

The question is: what are these things, and how do you stay strong when faced with them? If you decided to work on yourself properly, let’s say right away: there are eight tips to help you get rid of weakness. These are the eight qualities that distinguish weak women from powerful women. What are these qualities? Let’s figure it out.

But first, it would be good to understand who a powerful woman is. So…

Who is a powerful woman?

Advice and quality are, of course, good. But for our conversation to be genuinely productive, we first need to dot the i’s. It’s like mathematics: before writing a formula, you need to define the key concepts. Well, what kind of girls are usually called strong? Here are some of the main traits of a powerful woman:

  • Independence;
  • Confidence;
  • Composure;
  • A positive outlook on the future;
  • Patience and resilience in difficult situations;
  • Experience;
  • Inner harmony.

This list is debatable. This is because strength is an ambiguous, subjective concept. Someone steadfastly brings up children; someone builds a career. All of these are strong personalities who achieve goals, steadfastly take the blows of fate. However, these women still have something in common. What exactly? What they don’t do. And this is what we will talk about further.

1. Calm attitude towards happiness

What is happiness? Like love, it isn’t easy to define. For some, happiness is a country house and an expensive car. For another person – a cozy armchair and a cup of hot tea in the evenings. The first quality of a powerful woman is that she never pursues happiness. After all, if it is so vague, indefinite, is it possible to catch or catch up with it?

Besides, happiness is not a permanent state of a person. It’s okay to be happy today and sad tomorrow. This is our world. But this is not a reason for worries, anxiety, or a furious desire to immediately change something – in yourself and your life. You will not be forcibly happy, just as you cannot force yourself to love. A powerful woman understands this well.

You should also not hypnotize yourself every day with the words: “I am happy.” We must understand: yes, there are everyday small joys that bring us a good and cheerful mood. It’s fine. Sometimes we feel infinitely pleasant. She is probably called happiness. It’s just … why constantly think: is there happiness? Still, there are more global goals in life. It is worth going to them. What conclusion do we draw from this?

Happiness is not an end in itself. It is instead a pleasant consequence of your actions, decisions, and your choices. Did you feel sad today? Nothing. This is a momentary weakness, which you also need to allow yourself sometimes.

2. Lack of obsession with the opinions of others

The ability to ignore the opinions of others is sometimes a handy skill. However, this does not mean that you do not care about people. Sometimes we mistakenly think that not paying attention to who and what we think of us means looking bad or behaving uncivilized.

However, to think so is a mistake. The point is that you don’t have to try to be good for everyone. It is impossible to please absolutely every person in this world.

What is a powerful woman? Such people are usually comfortable with themselves. They understand that there will be someone who will not like you, who will criticize you. But paying attention to everyone is impossible.

Therefore, it is essential to living by your values, head, and not someone else’s. Why do we need other people’s stereotypes, under which we must adjust ourselves – like a carbon copy? Each person is unique and lives his own life – this is normal.

3. Adequate attitude towards perfectionism

Powerful women are not perfectionists. No, do not think wrong: this does not mean that you have to learn to be irresponsible or hack at work. Just beating yourself up for the slightest mistakes is not the way to go. That is – any perfectionism and any effort should be in moderation.

Remember one little rule: if you constantly set yourself too high standards, you will rather bring yourself to exhaustion and stress than achieving the goal.

What, then, distinguishes a really powerful woman? She knows what she can do. She is not afraid to make mistakes. A strong personality is aware of its advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons. She knows where she should develop. Yes, it would help if you always tried to correct in yourself what is possible.

And the main thing is that you need to fix it. But, on the other hand, how to understand what qualities in oneself need to be corrected? It’s simple: if they bring you discomfort and problems, then it’s worth working on it. Only to rush to extremes is a mistake.

4. An objective assessment of your personality

Are there self-sufficient individuals in this world? Let’s reveal the secret: a strong person always knows that he is not ideal. Yes, she has complexes. The more you think, think, the more you doubt yourself, your life choice, your interests.

True, there are many stereotypes in society that make us have a wrong opinion about ourselves. So, it is believed that a powerful woman does not need outside help. She can do everything herself. But this is not so! Any person needs warmth, support, participation. And even very strong.

Well, you want to know how things are? A powerful woman knows where and what her weaknesses are. If necessary, she will not hesitate to ask for help. Such a person knows that it is impossible to know everything in this life. No one person has the answers to all the questions. So why not share your knowledge and skills? And that means helping. Therefore, a powerful woman is always calm and open – to other people and new experiences.

5. Lack of obsession with material values

Do you know why we lose our peace? The main reason is passions and desires. Only now are they different. Someone wants to love and warmth, while someone is fixated on material values. So, you may want to earn more money, get a substantial fantastic house, a car, a fur coat, go on vacation somewhere on the islands … All this, of course, is wonderful.

But from this, a person is wholly deprived of peace. It’s just worth understanding that possessing things does not guarantee happiness.

A strong person understands: material values are in second place. And on the first – spiritual values. No, this does not mean that you need to deny yourself everything and live according to the principles of minimalism. You can love good things that are dear to you, enjoy new acquisitions. It is essential to understand that things are not the purpose of life. We can also receive satisfaction from emotions, feelings …

6. Calm attitude to your shortcomings

Every person understands that one cannot do without flaws. Sometimes our flaws are even a highlight that makes us interesting, memorable. In any case, a powerful woman unambiguously understands: life’s failures and mistakes result from a combination of circumstances. You can’t blame yourself for everything bad that happens in life. Therefore, a strong personality will never torment herself with frank and excessive self-criticism.

This, however, does not mean that you should never take responsibility at all. It should be understood: indeed, sometimes we are wrong, and then we make mistakes. This is the nature of man.

People are not perfect. And there is nothing strange about that. This is normal. However, do not forget that the reasons for mistakes and mistakes are different. They are not only your fault. A bad mood, for example, can be due to the weather or economic problems. So … everything is relative in this world.

7. Refusal to communicate with toxic people

Every woman has probably encountered a narcissist at one point. This is a type of person who lives exclusively for himself. Selfishness, composure, psychological vampirism, indifference, and much more are the main traits of a narcissist. How much benefit do you think such a person will bring to you? Oh, hardly. Of course, out of naivety, you can accidentally believe the narcissist gets carried away by her. But an experienced woman, a powerful woman, knows which people are not worth wasting your time on.

You should not tolerate a person who brings you nothing but suffering and negativity. Any communication should be at least a little optimistic. Otherwise, why support it at all? The toxicity emitted by some individuals affects your entire life. It’s like a poison that poisons the entire body. So take care of your strength and health. If you respect yourself, value your time, your personal space, then you will drive toxic people away from you. Life is a good and rare thing.

Maybe we only live once. So do not darken your existence! A powerful woman always understands that attempts to change, “fix,” a toxic personality is fruitless. It is a waste of effort, patience, and time.

8. Ability to get out of the comfort zone

Sometimes you want to spit on everything and hide in your comfort zone, right? Someone has this cozy home chair. The other person has a journey. But there is a third category of people: strong and bright personalities who are not afraid to leave their comfort zone.

We certainly don’t know what lies ahead. Every person in her life has periods when he wants to forget about problems, to live for himself – comfortably, calmly. But the current conditions of life rarely provide an opportunity to be in peace.

So what will a powerful woman do? She knows for sure that your development can seriously slow down if you stay in your “aquarium.” So don’t be afraid to go out into the big world! A strong personality understands that development is a necessary part of life. Face your fears boldly, overcome them, conquer new heights! And then you will be surprised how much you can, how big your opportunities can be.

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