How to understand that you are with the wrong partner

All of us more or less when we know someone and start a relationship we think maybe they are… one! We dream of continuing our relationship and happily ever after. But what if there are indications that the plan will fail? How to understand that you are with the wrong partner?

The truth is that when we are emotionally involved in a relationship, we tend to go blind in the face of negative signs. Especially the first time, out of our desire for this person, we turn a blind eye to all the negatives and idealize our partner.

Indications that your partner is not right for you

Various indications in your partner’s behaviour or whole attitude in the relationship can help you “wake up”! All you have to do is keep your eyes open:

You do not like the whims of the other

We all more or less have a whim. These are usually sticking or annoying habits for others that, of course, at some point will appear in the relationship, especially in the phase of cohabitation.

Our whims are what makes every person unique. The right partner appreciates his partner with all his flaws and whims. He finds them cute.

If yours is irritating, reacts strongly and seems to be unable to tolerate yours, it is probably a sign that you are with the wrong partner for you. The same, of course, happens and vice versa, that is, if you can not stand his own.

Spending time together is not tempting

Of course, in every relationship, everyone has to have time for themselves. Respectively, in a healthy relationship, everyone has their own companies, their activities and interests. It is not healthy to do everything alone.

However, the expectation is that you both want to do things together. Spend time together either doing something quality or just relaxing with music and wine together. If the idea of spending time together is not tempting in his or your mind, there is probably an issue.

That is, if each of you prefers anything other than doing something together, it means that you are probably with the wrong partner. You will understand this from his willingness to compromise and do something that does not go crazy, for example, to be with you.

Your friends hate him

It is common for our people to be protective of us and want the best for us. At the beginning of an acquaintance, they will express an opinion about how your new partner looks to them, the good and bad things they notice, etc.

But if you continue this relationship and the negative comments of your friends are not only not limited but increase, then maybe you should think better of them. Your friends know you much better than he does. Also, they can if they are more objective, as they are not emotionally involved.

In the end, they want your good and your happiness. So if they insist on their point of view, you better think about whether it is the wrong partner for you! Listen to them and process what they tell you to see if there is a dose of truth that you did not see.

You do not admire each other

Admiration is a must-have in any relationship. Everyone should be their partner’s biggest fan! Admiration from our partner means that he sets us apart and appreciates us for what we are and achieve.

If your partner does not find anything positive in you and all he does is criticize you maliciously, maybe there is a problem. It would help if you felt like you are the person you trust the most. Feel that he will be there to tell you his honest opinion in good faith.

To support you when you fall and to help you get up. Rejoice in your successes and be proud of you. Respectively, you should feel for him too. If this does not happen on the one hand and/or on the other hand, you may have the wrong partner for you.

You can imagine yourself with others

Perhaps the most important feature of a successful relationship is that you can not imagine yourself with another man. Neither did he with another woman. There are such a connection between you, so many feelings and passions that no one of you has eyes for another human being.

Of course, you can not easily know what your partner thinks about this issue. Even if he thinks about his life or a relationship with another, he will probably not tell you.

It’s something you can see in yourself, though. Do you feel attracted to other men? Do you think what a relationship, s3x or flirting with them would be like? Are you looking for when you go out with your girlfriends? If the answer to these questions is yes, then probably your partner is wrong for you!

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